LOVE, LANGUAGE & LEADERSHIP in equal doses… Can you offer this to your horse?

With the Parelli Natural Horsemanship approach you will learn how to unlock the keys to understanding how your horse feels, thinks, acts and plays through learning equine psychology and the use of Love, Language and Leadership all in equal doses. For some of us it is about developing that special connection and relationship with your horse to ride bareback and bridless or for others its about taking their communication with their horses to the next level. This may be for some people just to safely trail ride or for others it may be high level competition all the way to Olympic level. Rachel has the natural ability to not only help you as an individual to unlocking the keys to understanding and reading your horses but also with Rachel’s years of experience developing horses from foals all the way to competition horses gives you the confidence to know you will be in great hands with professional coaching on your journey. This can be done through a range of options from attending clinics, workshops, private lessons or distance education through video coaching with Rachel. Its time to reveal your horses true nature and start living your dreams.