Starting Under Saddle


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A good start isn’t something…It’s everything…. so take the time to choose the right development coach for your young horse.

Parelli Horse Development Specialists use communication, psychology and understanding to develop a great relationship with your horse when they come for development. During your young horses education, they are prepared mentally and emotionally, first on the ground, so that their first saddling and riding experience with the human is completely positive.

How would you like a calm, confident, safe and willing riding partner from your young horse?


Rachel is very passionate and talented when it comes to developing horses and puts a high emphasis on starting a relationship with your horse so you, the owner, can develop a successful partnership for the future.   This process is not about   ‘Breaking in’ your young horses as nothing should be broken but rather starting one of the most important times of the young horses career, been ridden under saddle.

When horses come for starting under saddle they are developed through Pat Parelli’s colt starting skeleton:

Step 1: Accept the human

  • As a Friend then as a Leader

Step 2: Accept the saddle

  • First the placement then tightening of the girth

Step 3: Accept the rider

  • First as a Passenger then as a Guider

Step 3: Accept the bit

  • First with Carrying the bit then for Communication


During the time your horse is with Rachel you will receive weekly updates on your horses progress and also some photos of your horse to keep you up to date on their development.

After completion of your horses start with Rachel the most important thing is the integration period where the owner comes to watch their horse been played with and an opportunity to then ride you young horse under Rachel’s guidance.  It is here that you are able to ask all the questions you need and to develop a clear plan with Rachel for when going home with your horse.

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