Reveal your horses true nature. Start living your dreams today

With a Natural Horsemanship approach you will learn a language that will enable you to communicate effectively with your horse through the implementation of horse psychology. This involves learning about how a horse feels, thinks, acts and plays. The principles that Rachel teaches will enable you to fulfill not only your horses needs of Safety, Comfort and Play but also lead you to the skills needed, for everyday practical horsemanship, that gets results. This will enable both you and your horse to have more fun and purpose in your sessions.
For some of you it is about developing that special connection and relationship with your horse that enables you to ride bareback and bridless. For others its about increasing their level of communication with any horse so they can simply go out and have a safe and enjoyable ride. Rachel has the capacity to coach you in all levels of horsemanship, in any chosen discipline, from beginners to the advanced. It’s all about empowering you, the horse owner, to learn the strategies and concepts needed to train your horse from the ground up. This creates the ultimate partnership of mutual trust, clear communication and understanding, between the horse and the rider.
Rachel is committed to providing progressive outcomes for both the horse and rider; she guarantees to deliver results. Her positivity shines through in all areas of her teaching, with her philosophy centring around utilizing the brilliance of natural horsemanship methodology. Rachel’s objective is to help you achieve your goals, in any discipline within the equine industry.