Video Coaching

Personal video coaching, right from home

If you find it hard to attend a clinic or lesson day with your horse or perhaps you are struggling to stay progressive especially through the colder months of the year then look no further as Rachel is thrilled to offer you the easy and empowering option of video coaching.  This is a wonderful way to get the support you need to continue to be progressive on your horsemanship journey.  With video coaching the aim is to guide you through breaking down the steps needed to fast track your progress by giving you ideas and ways to improve those ‘sticky’ areas you may be encountering at home.   Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration, encouragement or someone to hold us accountable to our goals and time lines and through this process Rachel can help you with all of this and more.

Some Ideas you may need help with:

  • What to do next with your horse on the ground or in the saddle
  • Understanding or advancing your savvies in the Parelli program or the individual modules of Linda’s Happy Horse, Happy Life program.
  • How to implement Positive, Pattern integration to your riding
  • Strategies on helping your young, green horse how to become a better partner
  • Impulsion issues with your horse not wanting to go, or your horse won’t slow
  • Rider position/ Bio mechanics to aid in better fluidity and connection with your horse
  • Trailer loading ideas and strategies to improve things
  • Saddling and Bridling tips and strategies to make this easy for all
  • Starting with Liberty or how to advance your liberty
  • Reading your horses behavior to know how you might best move forward
  • Getting prepared for your official Level’s audition or getting ready for a show

Rachel has years of experience in the Natural Horsemanship world as well as experience in both Western and English performance.  With Rachel’s broad knowledge and understanding of not only the nature of the horse but how to develop and train a competition horse you can be assured you are in great hands having her as your coach.  You will gain more ways and ideas on how to put the relationship first with your horse to then developing a solid foundation with any horse you handle.  Rachel’s goal is to empower her students to have the skills to read and develop the mental, emotional and physical well being of their horses to then achieve an incredible partnership with their horse.

Video Coaching Options

Single Package

4- 5min video clip, which can be upto 4 tasks either on the ground or in the saddle

You get a customized feedback email with strategies and ideas on how to progress forwards based on the video footage you have sent.  This is best sent either via email docs or via Facebook messenger for clear viewing.

Cost: $70 per session

Supportive Package

4x  3- 5min video clips (Recommend 4 weeks apart to stay progressive) expire within a year of purchase.

4x Customized feedback emails with strategies and ideas on how to progress forwards based on the video footage sent

1x 30 minute Q&A session over Phone or Zoom (when outside of Australia) by appointment

Cost: $220

Payments can be made by direct debit and for more information on the application process please email:

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