Private Lessons


Private Lessons

This is a great way to have the one on one time you may be needing to excel your horsemanship by having specific goals addressed and any questions answered.  These lessons can be focused on any topic on the ground or in the saddle for a duration of 1-2 hours.  Private lessons start from $100 per hour depending on location, travel time and venue costs.

Semi Private Lessons

This is a great way for a couple close friends or students working at the same level to have a lesson to further develop their skills together.  Here you get the chance to not only learn from the instructor but also from each other through observing, you have time to process information and time to formulate questions to ask.  Semi Private Lessons can be focused around one or two topics on the ground and in the saddle for two hours duration.  2 – 3 Students.  Start from $130 per person.

Horsemanship Pathway

Stage 1

This is the beginning stage of your horsemanship. Here the aim is teach you how to safely and confidently control your horse through clear communication on the ground. The focus is for you to develop a language with your horse that helps you to earn respect without force, fear or intimidation.   You learn ground handling strategies that enable you to play with your horse in many different ways to gain your horses trust and confidence. Through this you will be breaking down the prey/ predator barrier between you and your horse therefore they will start to see you as a partner rather then a threat.   You will learn how to read every horse far better then before whilst still creating a strong partnership based on the application and understanding of equine psychology.

Stage 2

As you move from level 1 into level 2 you will discover more confidence and more fun ways to be with your horse. Here we introduce more time in the saddle focusing on freestyle riding that does not involve holding tight reins. You will learn how to eventually let go of holding the reins for balance or confidence and discover how this actually helps your horse to have more self-control, balancing their whoa and go. The horse and human both start to learn more about their responsibilities in the partnership and you take your online skills to the next level of understanding how to communicate on a longer line. It is important to move from level 1 into level 2 as soon as possible so you don’t get caught up in the details rather we encourage you to keep moving forwards to not be boring for yourself or your horse.

Stage 3

Level 3 you start to develop more skill and excellence with your horse. You now continue to advance your skills both on the ground and in the saddle. I also like to introduce horse and rider to playing at liberty.  When we play at liberty we are left with only the truth in the partnership.  It lets us see what your horse offers you and how much they are connected mentally rather than by a rope. It is in this level that you really start to refine your skills and start to become much more advanced and refined in the way you offer things to your horse.   It is here that we start to see skills of excellence in horsemanship which some people can only dream of with their horse.

Stage 4

Level 4 is the beginning of the fundamentals to performance for you and your horse. You begin to developing all ground and ridden skills to a high, expertise level with grace and precision. It is here that we have horse and riders explore the elegance and power of contact and precision riding.  We focus a lot more on the shape and physical movements of both the horse and rider biomechanics.  To ride with contact naturally is one of the hardest things to do well with horses without causing a fight or resistance in you or your horse. By preparing your horse with a solid foundation this will certainly help you to achieve high levels of performance without sacrificing the relationship you’ve built with your horse. As long as your have your principals first, goals second and the horse is in charge of the time lines you will be guaranteed to achieve extraordinary results.

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