Foal Handling & Early Learning



Train your foal from the first day they are born to be a ‘Super Learner’.

Rachel is a licensed Parelli Horse Development Specialist who takes in horses for development a select number of months during the year.

Rachel uses communication, psychology and understanding to develop a great relationship with your horse during the time they are with her.

There is no force or fear used to train your horse, just natural communication and understanding.  Your horse is prepared mentally and emotionally, first on the ground, so that their first saddling and riding experience with the human is completely positive.

Foal handling/ Early learning

This is for the ever so important handling of foals, weanlings and yearlings.  The earlier your horse is handled the more prepared they are for their first rides.  Your young horses are taught how to be confident, trusting and super learners at an early age.





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