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Workshops are subject or rider level specific.  These are perfect for the student who can’t quite commit to a full 2 to 4 day clinic.  Class sizes are still small enough to get lots of one-on-one help while still giving you the freedom to experiment what you have been taught on your own. Workshops are half-day sessions with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 students at a time. Workshops can be combined for a full day of instruction at a slightly lower cost.


Clinics can be in a two, three or four day format consisting of two, 3-hour sessions: a morning session and an afternoon session each day. We will explore the importance of simulations which are very helpful for the kinestetic learner so that you can feel what your horse experiences and than adding in some demonstrations for the visual learners as well.  This enables you to have a mental picture of what you are aiming for and helps to set you up for success when out with your horse.  You will then have plenty of hands on time out with your horses exploring and developing the relationships each day.  Rachel likes to encourage the importance of having consistency and time when developing your horses so expect to have full days of horsemanship at her clinics.

Clinic formats may vary however information covered will be in all ares Online, at Liberty, Freestyle riding and Finesse riding.   Each Clinic can accommodate 6-10 students.
Price: Varies depending on travel and venue costs, please contact Rachel directly for further details or if you are interested in hosting a clinic in your area as Rachel regularly travels interstate to teach –


Just exploring natural horsemanship or want to watch a bit before you committing?  That’s ok too!

This service includes a Q & A at the end of each day.

To inquire about how to become a Clinic Coordinator and receive a discount on clinics please contact Rachel.

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